Tour de Park City Flyer (2015)

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Event Survey

Please take a moment to fill out the confidential event survey below.
The reasons for the survey is twofold:

First, we want to know what you think makes a cycling event great. The event is your event. If we know what you want in a cycling event we can make it happen.

Second, let’s face it we want to bring the best sponsors to make the event better for you as a cyclist. Sponsors help offset the costs of the event and provide great products for the raffle and aid stations. To attract these sponsors we need information. Please answer each question as accurately as possible and remember your name will not be associated with the survey.


Our goal in organizing the Felt Tour de Park City is to create an event for you as the cycling population. The Tour de Park City is an expensive event. Sponsors help offset the cost of the event as well as provide great cycling related products that go to you.

In an effort to get you as cyclists the very best event bag gifts and raffle prizes by attracting great sponsors please take a moment to fill out the following survey. The information collected is important. Please be as accurate as possible. All information will remain anonymous.
Please fill the form out completely.

Thank you,
Tour de Park City Staff

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