Tour de Park City Flyer (2013)



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tour de Park City?
The Tour de Park City is a premiere multi distance cycling event for competitive and non-competitive cyclists.

Is the event sanctioned by USA Cycling?
Yes! We have multiple events and distances going on the same day. The Classic Road Race is a 156 mile USAC sanctioned road race and a 15 mile sanctioned Juniors road race. Both are part of the UCA Points Series. A valid USAC racing license is required to enter the road race. There’s also the non-sanctioned 156 mile Super Fondo which uses the same course. We also have the challenging 100 mile Gran Fondo, 50 mile Medio Fondo and 15 mile Piccolo Fondo.

What’s a “fondo”?
Meaning “big ride” in Italian, a gran fondo is a timed road event where your results are compared to others in your age group and gender. Fondos are for the casual rider or enthusiast that does not want to purchase a one day or annual USAC racing license, but still wants to be able to “race” against the clock or ridding buddies.

Is the Classic Road Race fully supported?
Yes! The USAC sanctioned Classic Road Race is fully supported. At a majority of the feedzones volunteer will be handing up bottles to riders. At the Bear River Lodge feedzone mussettes will be handed up. Mussettes will have 2 Gu packets, 2 bottles with water and Powerade, a PBJ, energy bar and something caffeinated. Post race food and drinks will be available for racers at the KPCW Cycling Festival.

Are the fondos fully supported?
Yes! All courses and events are fully supported! Those entered in the fondos will be required to stop however to re-fuel. Each feedszone will be fully stocked with hydration, food and porto-potties. There will be several SAG vehicles roaming the course with basic supplies such as water, a pump and flat kits. Post ride food and drinks will be available for riders at the KPCW Cycling Festival.

Where is the start/finish area?
The new start/finish area for all courses is the Richardson Flat Park and Ride just outside of Park City. Please see the “maps” section of the website.

How do I register?
Follow this link: